Green Party of Florida Co-Sponsors Anticapitalist/Ecosocialist Platform Amendment

Victor/ April 1, 2016/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

by Victor Agosto Brizuela Today, the GPFL Council agreed to co-sponsor the North Carolina Amendment, an anticapitalist/ecosocialist revision to the GPUS platform. The amendment–reviewed and endorsed by Richard Wolff and Gar Alperovitz–addresses workplace democracy, a topic sorely missing from the otherwise excellent GPUS Platform. Florida joins Colorado, Maine, New York, and North Carolina, along with the Latinx, Lavender, Women’s, and Youth caucuses as

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War in Eden

Chris Rocker/ November 3, 2015/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

War in Eden In order to perpetrate the horrific violent acts that war requires a person to commit, which goes against all human decency and whatever civilized conditioning we learn from childhood, we must first be able to dehumanize our enemies. Whatever culture, race or creed we decide we want to conquer, enslave or destroy, we must first demonize them in

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Is the T.P.P. Constitutional?

greenie/ June 22, 2015/ Trans-Pacific Partnership/ 1 comments

by Jim Howe Friday after noon, June 12, 2015, just in time to make the lowest point in the news week, the Trade Adjustment Assistance (T.A.A.) bill failed, 102 -302. Then a vote followed on Trade Promotion Authority (T.P.A.). It passed, 219 to 211 (218 being the bare minimum to pass if all 435 members are present). But… the rules

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