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Florida Greens Hold Annual Gathering in Orlando

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Building Today’s Party for Tomorrow’s World! The Green Party of FL will be holding its 2014 Annual General Membership Meeting in Orlando, Florida on Fri, Sat & Sun, June 6, 7 & 8. (See the AGENDA here) Friday and Saturday will be at the Quaker Meeting House east of Highland Ave. and Sunday’s session (See Offices and Candidates for Sunday’s

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John Kiriakou Day of Action

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Friday May 9th is a Day of Action to help John Kiriakou, the CIA agent serving a prison sentence for whistleblowing against the C.I.A. torture program. The day is being organized by FireDogLake. The Green Party of the United States has consistently called for a halt to the prosecution of whistleblowers. Though perhaps less known than others such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, Broward County Greens believe that Kiriakou has performed a service to his country by his defense of the Constitution.