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Social Justice is a Winner for Greens!

greenie/ October 28, 2014/ Campaigns, Economics, Electoral, Environment, St. Petersburg, War on Drugs/ 1 comments

15 Now is a winner in New York. Polls put Hawkins at 9% in a state where the pseudo-independent Working Families Party is set up to siphon the independent vote to the Democrats (WFP is backing Cuomo), and the state’s Democratic Party is one of the most powerful in the nation. Reprinted from the Hawkins campaign: Village Independent Democrats Endorse

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Ban on Plastic Bags

greenie/ October 27, 2014/ Campaigns, Environment, Politics, Tampa/ 0 comments

20 years ago the question was “Paper or Plastic.” This fight was won by the plastic industry. The question in our supermarkets changed to, Is plastic OK? But Plastic is not OK. Plastic bags are an incredible waste of resources.  The average bag is thrown away after 10 minutes of use, many often ending up in our oceans – in

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New Documents Show Hughes Planned to Frack Orangetree Well

Thorstein/ October 8, 2014/ Collier, Environment, Fracking/ 0 comments

Naples, FL, October 8, 2014 — New public records documents  reveal that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection knew on December 23 of last year, and possibly as early as October, that the Dan A. Hughes oil company was planning to hydraulically fracture their Orangetree oil well outside of Naples. The documents were received on Friday, when Hughes dropped their “trade secret” opposition

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