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A Snowball Settles it!

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A Snowball Settles it! By: Christoph L. Rocker Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) tries to prove global warming is a hoax today by bringing a snowball onto the senate floor. He then points to his favorite climate denying scientist from MIT, Richard Lindzen, as to how global warming is just a bureaucratic scheme to instill fear in the public to get

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“Warning, I Choose The Politics Of Courage, Not Fear!”

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“Warning, I Choose The Politics Of Courage, Not Fear!” By: Christoph L. Rocker 2/24/15 Recent news reports warn that the terror threat level is up and shopping malls may be a target, yet, in the next breath, the newscasters claim the public should feel safe enough to shop. Why such contradictions? Who is deliberately creating this fear? Is it a

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