Building New GPFL Affiliates

Getting Started


These are suggestions from people/groups that have done this. We are always looking to add to and improve this list to help start new affiliates through our state. Our main goal is to grow our party. Please bring your suggestions to the Party Building Outreach Committee. We conference call once a month and all Registered Greens are welcome to join in.

(1)  SOE. Supervisor of Elections. Check with your local county office and get a list of Green Party Registered Voters in your county.  Ask to include addresses, E-mail, and phone numbers… This will give you an idea if you have enough people in your county to start an affiliate.

(2)  Meeting place. preferred “free” public place, check Library, Union Hall, Community Center, etc.

(3)  Set meeting date and time at lease 3 weeks ahead and prefer in the evening.

(4)  Make flyers for meeting with the meeting information and contact name & numbers.

(5)  Set up Facebook page & E-mail account.

(6)  Start with GP Voters list contacting people. telephone, e-mail, facebook, door knocking. KEEP GOOD RECORDS.  who you talked to, bad addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Carry the flyer and membership form with you when you door knock and sign them up as members if they’re interested.  Remember that the word is FREE.  No cost.  I believe door knocking is the most effective method, and you get to meet really great people who many times are glad to see you.

(7)  Prepare for meeting:

State Petition.
Examples are available on the web-site.  Call people night before or day of, as a Reminder.

Elect co-chairs and support staff. Sign all paperwork. Give co-chairs information sheets with GP state contact numbers and instruction for submitting.  “Waaa-La”

How to Grow & Operate your Green Party Affiliate


These are suggestions from people, groups, and affiliates that have done this.  We are always looking to add to and improve this list to help you grow your affiliate and make it more effective.  Our main goal is to grow our party.  Please bring your suggestions to the Party Building Outreach Committee

We conference call once a month and invite all Registered Greens to join us on the call.

A good local affiliate normally has 3 to 5 people run it, with 5 to 10 active supporting members.  Membership ideally meets once a month and normally have one local outreach event per month.  Two delegates elected by the local to serve on the Green Party of Florida Council attend the state monthly conference call.  We operate and treat each other as a Green Party family.

Hold successful monthly meetings.

Successful monthly meetings are important to maintaining membership and engagement.  Here are some tips to help you run your meetings.

(1)  Try to hold your meetings at the same place, date, and time every month. We recommend you choose a day and week number each month for your meetings (e.g., the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  Consistency is important.

(2)  SHOW UP! It is very disheartening to arrive at a scheduled meeting to find no one there.  Have the door open for new people to find you.

(3)  Advertise. Get the word out in a timely matter.  by E-mail, Listing events in local newspapers, Facebook, Mailings, or whatever other means you have available to you.  Flyers with affiliate, meeting, and contact information on them can be very effective.  Target your audience with the flyers… Spanish, NPA’s, Independents, Social Justice, Environmental, Peace, etc.  Wear GP hats and t-shirts at Events.

(4)  The most important person in the room at your meeting: the new person.  Talk to them.  Make them feel welcome and part of your family.

Party Building

Party building efforts help you bring in new members and bring awareness of the Green Party to your community.  The Green Party is both an activist and an electoral party.  Both of these endeavors thrive on a strong base of volunteers that you help create through outreach and party building.

Once a month outreach ideas:

  • Tabling- Get permission to set up a table to hand out literature and discuss the party.  Libraries, farmer’s market, and college free speech zones are some common choices.
  • Clean-ups- wear your GP shirts and hats & carry some flyers while cleaning up littered areas in your town.
  • Local government meetings.  Local governments are required to perform all official business in public, at regular meetings.  Attend a county/city council, school board or other official meeting wearing your Green Party messaging.  Get a feel for how the decisions are made in your community.  Encourage your members to address the meeting during public comments, and to introduce themselves as members of the party when doing so.
  • Parades- MLK, 4th of July, Pride, etc.
  • Events- 2 or 3 go together, wear your shirts and hats.  Carry your “targeted” flyers.
  • Continue to work the Green Party registered voters list until you have talked, face-to-face or on the phone, to everyone on the list.  Then move to NPA’s and Independent registered voters.

Most people have not heard of the Green Party or don’t know anything about us.  The corporate media is NOT going to inform them.  We need to be the media to inform and educate the public.  Once they know about us and our platform and our Values … they agree with us.

If you need help, bring it to the attention of the state green party.


Green Party of the Unite Sates – Process Manual: Meetings and Decision-making in Green Locals
Green Party of the United Sates – An Organizing Manual


Affiliate Sample Bylaws (pdf)
Affiliate Petition for Recognition (pdf)
Active Membership Form
GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC)
Political Campaign Planning Manual, published by the National Democratic Institute

The first step in developing a winning strategy must begin with a realistic assessment of the political landscape in which you will be running. It is true that you can never know everything about your district, your opponents and the voters. However, by using your time wisely and setting clear priorities, you will be able to compile the kind of information you need to develop a good strategy and be prepared for most events in the coming campaign. There are a number of factors that should be understood as completely as possible as you prepare to write a campaign plan:

(1)  What is the type of election and what are the rules?
(2)  What are the characteristics of the district?
(3)  What are the characteristics of the voters?
(4)  What has happened in past elections?
(5)  What are the main factors affecting this election?
(6)  What are the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate?
(7)  What are the strengths and weaknesses of all the viable opponents?

Government Resources for Candidates

Florida Voter Registration Form
2012 Presidential Votes by County (Florida)
Supervisor of Elections by County
Florida Division of Elections
Florida Division of Elections – Campaign Requirements and Deadlines
Contact Congresspersons (112th Congress)
Contact Congresspersons (113th Congress)