Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

The Green Party of Florida Board of Trustee’s meets regularly via conference call on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9pm.

The Green Party of Florida State Coordinating Council meets regularly via conference call on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 9pm.

October 14-15, 2017: Orlando, Florida – Campaign/Candidate Training Weekend with United States Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee. Check into and Share our Event Page!

Local can submit their events for inclusion in the GPFL calendar to

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  1. I would like to volunteer my time and resources, I also have ideas for spreading Green Party awareness.

    1. Hi 🙂 We’ve been updating our site. We’re sorry if we missed your comment before. We would love to speak with you more. What part of the state do you live in?

  2. Every day, a few million Bernie-or-bust supporters are getting closer to a political cliff. The Green Party has to present a viable alternative or miss its chance to become an established third national party. For one thing, the website listing Jill Stein’s Shadow Cabinet has to include actual federal Departments, not summer camp activities like “Holistic Medicine,” “Clowning,” and “Peace.” Secondly, people have to take charge in each state; governing by committee won’t work. When volunteers click on “Contact Us,” somebody has to reply to them in a timely fashion. Furthermore, somebody has to make decisions quickly. The Green Party has to resemble a political party, not a social club. The Green Party has to beat Trump and Hillary this November for the good of the country.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable perspectives. Many of us in the party recognize many democrats and cross-over’s for Bernie will be considering an alternative or have outright said that if not Bernie than they’re supporting Jill (or whomever our primary candidate presumably is once our primary ends). Viability can be a subjective perspective and has a ‘self-fulfilling’ nature (aka: we make it ‘viable’ ourselves when we commit the will to support it). We agree the Green Party has to beat Trump and Hillary. We may not have any control over what other national Green configurations are doing but we do understand there’s a lot of room for improvement and we are making progress but will have some ‘blind spots’ as well that need attention. I expect many Bernie supporters will consider joining our struggle and I hope we create a welcoming environment that’s conducive to that. Some may elect to make some donations to help put some ‘gas in the tank’ to help us move forward faster and better. We certainly encourage that as well. Other’s may simply be supportive but never actually join us. We’ll be here and welcoming when they’re ready too. I would like to know your experience regarding ‘volunteering’. If we aren’t being sufficiently responsive I want to look into it and make sure that’s not some condition that persists. I’d be happy to discuss this further and you can contact me directly at

  3. People might not understand that the depth of the Green Party is beyond just a presidential candidate & their running mate, Therefore, the Shadow Cabinet was put together as an example of what could be expected under a Green Administration. So it’s a glimpse into that, rather than have no idea of the difference Greens would be. We offer a new paradigm and, in simple terms, a “revolution” from the old order. In this example, our choices for cabinet would not be the usual revolving door suspects and that is a main point. These are folks who joined this initial effort. To actually spend the time and effort to make an updated version we would need a volunteer beyond those who are working for the election itself. If you can offer some important editions to the cabinet. as is, I’m sure thatwould be appreciated. Let me know. Jennifer Sullivan –

  4. I am a typical Bernie supporter looking for a new home. I will likely vote Green in November, but l agree with the commenter above who advocates a less playful approach (sadly). I don’t mean to preach or make presumptions about what Greens may think, but what could be more deadly serious than the overthrow of the capitalist system. It will be about blood, unimaginable pain, suffering, and finally triumph, in short, a nasty, brutish business. Are the Greens ready for what must come if we are to truly pull down the ruling class?
    I am not advocating a violent revolution, but rather a realistic tough mindedness that I don’t see on this web site. The yippies and hippies had their day, but what lasting change did they bring about? I was SDS and RYM II, but we destroyed ourselves with bourgeois romantic adventurism. Can we do better this time?

  5. Can we throw parties for Jill, either fund raising or introduction parties. Who do we contact in Tampa Bay, we have lots of work to do. I don’t want to wait on this. Lets strike while the iron is hot…

    1. GPFL Co-chair Jennifer Sullivan is Point Person for any questions or events having to do with Jill Stein Election Campaign here in FL. Contact info for all officers can be found here

  6. Isn’t Jill speaking at USF next month? I don’t see anything about this on the calendar.

  7. For several years I’ve wanted to become involved with Florida Greens but rarely are there scheduled events much less an organized collective political movement. If we are serious about what the greens represent socially and politically then we need to begin acting on these with a politically proactive game plan and action.

    Jill stein isn’t the Green Party….we are supposed to be.

  8. This is EXACTLY what the American people need! Once they WAKE UP FROM THE DEEP SLEEP THEY CAN MOVE FORWARD!

  9. I’m a newly registered Green here in Florida and hope to add a fresh perspective. Looking at this event calendar seems to be a microcosm of the single biggest problem Greens across the nation face – message isn’t heard and the party is neither active organized nor ambitious ( referring to a goal of registering 16,000 FL Greens by 2020, which won’t make a dent as our population grows so fast, not the party pillars) enough to make meaningful strides – being taken seriously. For a grassroots democracy we have 0 listed organized events, we don’t have a YouTube channel, and we are SERIOUSLY missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime with the current state of dissatfaction with the 2 party system.

    Greens need to be setting more ambitious goals, more consistently pounding our pillar message especially to young people who are in a revolutionary state of mind, endorsing more charismatic candidates, and holding fundraising/ awareness events in every major city. Often.

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