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A Call for Water Protectors to Stop Sabal Trail!

Steve Showen/ December 25, 2016/ Environment, Fracking, Pipelines/ 0 comments

  Action Days: Dec 28 thru Jan 2, and January 14-15th Peaceful Civil Disobedience The Sabal Trail Pipeline is FlorIda’s DAPL: A Scheme by Private Utility Monopoly FPL & Cohorts to Profit at Public Expense, Threatening Our Water, the Environment and the Economy! Crossing three states, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, the Sabal Trail Pipeline is intended to transport natural gas

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Tourists swarm to Florida for the ever so inviting Mosaic Mountains and TECO takes them for a ride!

Chris Rocker/ September 16, 2016/ Environment, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Notwithstanding the flying cockroaches, the infamous child eating alligators, the zika spreading mosquitoes, killer lightning, hurricanes and the ever present mold spawning humidity, our ever so inviting tourist/snowbird state has a new and insidious reason for people to venture down south to where the cicadas sing. Toxic Mountains, Radioactive Aquifers and Obsolete Coal Burning Power Plants! The Mosaic Company and TECO Power Plant are two major polluters in Hillsborough County, FL.

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Stop Sabal Trail Pipeline

Chris Rocker/ September 15, 2016/ Environment/ 1 comments

This is the single most important environmental issue happening in the SE region of the US right now and most people don’t even know about it. A flyer with more information is attached. This project has been APPROVED. Spectra/Sabal Trail broke ground last Tuesday. This will affect Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Organizers and allies are exploring legal loopholes,

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