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Green Party of Florida calls for Peace Treaty Process on Korean Peninsula

Sean D./ August 24, 2017/ Green Party & Activism, Imperialism, International, Issues, Peace, Politics, Press Release/ 0 comments

Green Party of Florida calls for a Peace Treaty Process on the Korean Peninsula August 24, 2017 The Green Party of Florida joins the United States and South Korean Green Parties in calling for a political and diplomatic solution to the Korean War instead of further militarization of the situation. Green Parties across the world have called for global nuclear

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Student Leader, Jared Austin, Kicks Off State Green Party Annual Meeting

admin/ June 17, 2015/ Campaigns, Capitalism, Civil Liberties, Economics, Environment, GPF Annual Meeting, Green Party & Activism, Imperialism, Israel & Palestine, Issues, Students, Tampa, Youth/ 0 comments

As many of you know environmental degradation is no single issue, it is embedded in the same system that has plagued workers, minorities, and various other oppressed groups for going on centuries; this system, of course, is capitalism and it was this realization within our organization that got us much closer to the actual Green Party platform and got us into the streets.

“Warning, I Choose The Politics Of Courage, Not Fear!”

admin/ February 26, 2015/ Economics, Fascism, Middle East, Peace, Politics/ 3 comments

“Warning, I Choose The Politics Of Courage, Not Fear!” By: Christoph L. Rocker 2/24/15 Recent news reports warn that the terror threat level is up and shopping malls may be a target, yet, in the next breath, the newscasters claim the public should feel safe enough to shop. Why such contradictions? Who is deliberately creating this fear? Is it a

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