The Green Party stands for:

  • Full employment and living wages through the creation of necessary Green jobs that will help halt the threat of global warming.
  • Housing and healthcare as HUMAN RIGHTS.
  • An end to U.S. wars of aggression for oil.
  • Fair elections untainted by the flow of corporate money that has corrupted our democracy.

The Green Party doesn’t accept corporate donations That’s why we need the support of people like you in order to emerge as the leading progressive force that can break the stranglehold the two-party duopoly has on our political process.

Polls show that trust for the Democrats and Republicans in Congress is at an all-time low; these disillusioned Americans should know that they have a home in the Green Party.

As an all-Volunteer Political Party what Greens and our allied Voters choose to invest our time and resources into directly influences the direction and future of the Green Party. The Green Party of Florida is developing and implementing a strategic vision of building Local Green Party Chapters and seeks to increase the Green Party’s participation in Electoral Politics at all levels across Florida. All of this vital work is greatly aided by contributions from everyday Floridians and Americans like you.

The Green Party of Florida knows that 21st Century Political Activists want as much control and transparency as possible in where their money is going. Therefore the Green Party of Florida allows donors to donate funds for the general use of the Green Party of Florida or for a variety of specific and directed purposes. Below is a description of the various Designated Funds you may donate to with the Green Party of Florida. Remember that donation limits apply to the Green Party of Florida as a whole and the total donated to different designated funds may not exceed these limits. If you do not designated a fund then your donation will go to the Green Party of Florida General Funds.


General Funds – Donations to the Green Party of Florida general fund will be used as necessary to assist the Green Party of Florida with holding its Annual State Meetings and for other purposes as approved by the State Council or Board.
2018 Candidates – The Green Party of Florida can contribute directly up to $250,000 to any Green Candidate running State-Wide and up to $50,000 to Green Candidate’s running for public office at any other level. Donations to this fund will be split evenly between all Green Party Candidates on the Ballot in 2018 who have successfully completed the Green Party of Florida Endorsement/Vetting process. Funds will likely be dispersed to candidates shortly after the filing deadlines for the 2018 Election have passed. Greens who are interested in running for office should visit
Advertising/Marketing – The Green Party of Florida is committed to raising our voice for a Green New Deal that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit across Florida. We’re developing a State-Wide Public Transit system based Ad Campaign. Expanding/Improving/Sustaining Public Transit is a key objective of the Green New Deal. Public Transit Advertising gives the Green Party of Florida a way to invest in improving Public Transit across Florida while bringing our Message to Floridians across the state in an affordable and socially engaging environment. Advertising money is not limited to Public Transit and the Green Party of Florida can use these funds for Digital, Print, Radio, or TV advertising as formally proposed by the State Board and adopted by the State CC.
Local Chapter Support – The GPFL is going to work on a plan to provide Fundraising Services for all of our Local Chapters so that members and supports locally can donate to a designated fund that the Local Chapter will then have control over. While we develop and get this system in place you can support the needs of Local Chapters generally by selecting “Local Chapters.” Money Donated to Local Chapters will go towards providing Local Clubs and Chapters with supplies like Banners, Flyers, Bumper Stickers, and other resources they can use to further organize their communities to spread the messages of the Green Party.


Most of the items below are required by the State for financial reporting, whether you are contributing by check or through PayPal.  Email and phone number are optional.  But they are useful to the GPFL in staying in touch with our contributors.

The FEC requires that we know your occupation.  If you contribute more than $200 in a year, the FEC requires you to also name your employer.

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