Run For Office

The “Revolution For All” needs YOU to RUN for Office!

Over 68,000 voters in all 67 Florida Counties rejected the “disliked and untrusted” Presidential Candidates thrust on the American People in 2016 by both major corporate political parties. Instead these voters courageously invested their votes in a Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is a comprehensive vision of an America that has had its government taken over by every-day average Americans and which ends its world destroying addiction to fossil fuels by the 2030s.

Over 3.4 Million Floridians reject the corporate Democratic and Republican Parties on a daily basis and are registered with a 3rd Party already (347,000+ voters) or as a member of No Political Party (3.1 Million+ voters). The Green Party of Florida, its Local Chapters, and individual members are ready to build the movement for a Green New Deal right here in Florida. We’re ready to challenge the Corporate Parties, fight to Open our Debates and restore our democracy. We’re seeking candidates up and down the ballot all across Florida who have the courage to stand up for a “Revolution For All” here in Florida. Green Party of Florida candidates must be registered Green Party voters. However, we welcome #DemExit and #GOPExit candidates who complete Green Party of Florida vetting and who will support the 10 Key Values of the Green Party in whole or in part in their campaigns for Public Office. Allied voters are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer and get involved in Green Party campaigns.

The Green Party of Florida will be holding 2 days of 2018 Campaign Organization/Training in Central Florida October 14th and 15th . This training will be provided in conjunction with the United States Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee. We will be developing our State-Wide campaign plan. Whether you’re interested in running for Local Office, The Florida Legislature, The United States Congress or Senate, or Florida’s Governor or Cabinet this is an opportunity to gain the training and knowledge necessary to be a successful Green Candidate or to work on a successful Green Campaign. We will be training and developing the capacity to provide the volunteer campaign staff needs of all Green Party of Florida candidates.

This workshop is for all Florida Greens. We want to get as many members trained in campaign work, so that we may be better able to support our candidates. We also want candidates and potential candidates to attend in order to gain a better understanding of campaign skills and strategies

Whether, you want to run to represent your neighborhood on your School Board or City/County Council, or whether you want to bring the fight for a Green New Deal to all Floridians as our 2018 Governor or Senate candidates, we invite you to join us for these important days of training, organizing, and mobilization that will lay the foundation for our increased electoral success in 2018.